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Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote mental and physical wellness in our community through recreational activities and educational mini-lectures. We value innovation and strive to create new and exciting opportunities for the UCSF School of Pharmacy-affiliated students, faculty, and staff.

Our RCO has a unique two branch structure which consists of the Education Core and Recreational Activity Core.


Recreational Activity Core

The Recreational Core aims to promote mental and physical wellness, as well as team building by organizing sporting events and outdoor activities. We will provide planning and logistics for recreational activities/events that incorporate collaboration between students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the SF community.

Education Core

The Education Core works to create mini-lectures that explore health education with an emphasis on condition/disease/disorder specific non-pharmacological treatments. We aim to educate patients, friends, and families in our community on the importance of recreational activities for both mental and physical wellness.


PCRA is partnered with educational programs to provide mentorship and educate students about the pharmacy profession and the health sciences.

  • Center for Science, Education, and Outreach

    The Center for Science, Education, and Outreach (CSEO) is partnering with various high schools in the San Francisco Unified School District to offer a space for students to explore healthcare and STEM-related fields at the Mission Bay Hub. PCRA has joined to offer interactive workshops that explore basic health science topics in relation to the field of pharmacy.

    Learn more about Mission Bay Hub >

  • Science & Education Partnership

    The Science & Education Partnership (SEP) offers partnerships with schools from the San Francisco Unified School District ranging from elementary to high schools. They provide interactive materials to enhance the learning experience of students.

    Learn more about SEP >

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