The CURE program is a paid summer internship organized by the UCSF Center for Science Education and Outreach (CSEO)  that partners local Black and LatinX high school students interested in pursuing scientific careers with UCSF labs primarily focused on cancer research.

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Summer 2021 BE-STEM Mentor Partnership with UCSF CURE Program

This past summer we reached out to Don Woodson, the director of the CURE program at UCSF, to forge a new partnership that would

1. Increase visibility of Black scientist at UCSF for the CURE students

2. Provide additional longer-form mentorship for the CURE students.

2021 Flyer information

We selected 10 mentors from the UCSF community and matched them each with one student. Each student-mentor pair designed a set of personal goals (e.g. learning new material, researching future careers, developing time-management and presentation skills) to work toward together throughout the summer. Mentors will continue to meet with their mentees over the next academic cycle to check in on their progress and support them outside of the classroom (e.g. college essay review, helping them network with potential future mentors, transitioning to university).

In addition to the one-on-one mentorship we hosted two online events to connect the CURE students to the their mentors and other Black learners at UCSF.

The first event served to introduce the CURE students to BE-STEM and meet their mentors through a set of fun interactive ice breakers and break-out sessions. For the second event we partnered with the UCSF SRTP program coordinator and UCSF Diversity and Outreach Program Manager, Zachery Smith, to organize a curated panel of Black SRTP students where they provided advice and personal experience related to applying for and navigating college for the CURE students.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2022 mentor selection.

Picture: Snapshot from our panel event with Black SRTP students


  • Christina Stephens *BE-STEM-CURE partnership coordinator
  • Jade Moore *panel event co-coordinator
  • Carolina Morales *meet-and-greet co-coordinator

Special thanks to:

  • Don Woodson – Director -Center for Science, Education & Outreach
  • A’nihya Gaines – Co-program coordinator – UCSF CURE Program
  • Zachery Smith – Program Manager, UCSF Diversity and Outreach Program
  • Leon Sargpong – 2021 UCSF SRTP Intern, Panelist
  • Osagie Ekue – 2021 UCSF SRTP Intern, Panelist
  • Najah Abduh – 2021 UCSF SRTP Intern, Panelist
  • Dora Ogbonna – 2021 UCSF SRTP Intern, Panelist
  • Chase Webb – UCSF PSPG Ph.D. student, Panelist

BE-STEM 2021-22 Mentors:

  • Jasmine King
  • Nadia Ayad
  • Lakshmi Miller-Vedam
  • Gloria Ortiz
  • Upneet Kaur
  • Dianne Layboy Cintron
  • Eric Simental

We thank UCSF ASDG for the funding for our summer events and mentor compensation