The CURE program is a paid summer internship organized by the UCSF Center for Science Education and Outreach (CSEO)  that partners local Black and LatinX high school students interested in pursuing scientific careers with UCSF labs primarily focused on cancer research.

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Summer 2022 BE-STEM x UCSF CURE Program

In the summer of 2022 BE-STEM outreach leadership partnered again with the UCSF CURE Program to offer their exceptional high school students with additional mentorship and exposure to the variety of scientific work at this institute. All students in the program identify as either Black of Latinx. As a student organization that supports the well-being and success of Black and Brown scientists, BE-STEM welcomed the opportunity to elevate these high school students's summer experiences. This year we additionally collaborated with the BAYS program to organize several joint in-person events for students in both programs. We worked very closely with the lead CURE Program organizer, Chaney Saephan, in order to carry out this year's partnership.

Personal Mentorship Program

This year we selected 11 mentors from the UCSF community to work one-on-one with students outside of their research labs in order to provide more personalized mentorship that focused on the students' individual goals. Students and mentors had total freedom to design short- and long-terms goals. Mentors and mentees reported working on a variety of topics including college and academic choices, scientific careers, mentor personal experiences, presentation feedback, learning new scientific concepts, and chatting about the students' lab experiences. One student remarked how much they appreciated having a POC mentor who was able to provide a college application experience very similar to their own.

Summer 2022 Open Call for Mentorship Flyer

Student Welcome Event on June 24, 2022

After the students' first Friday session hosted by the CURE program BE-STEM hosted a social hour where the high school interns and their mentors could mingle with BE-STEM graduate students. The purpose of this event was to welcome the CURE and BAYS students to UCSF and introduce them to Black students at UCSF. This was a great opportunity for the students to see reflections of themselves already on this campus and provide a greater sense of belonging.

BAYS x CURE Student Social Flyer

Scientific Crash Courses and Fundamentals Website

Given the high level of science performed at UCSF, many of the students had not been exposed to some of the advanced scientific concepts they encountered in the lab or while shadowing medical staff. We organized two sessions to give students a high-level introduction to some of the fundamental scientific fields such as biochemistry, genetics, physics, ecology, structural biology, and physiology. We built a website with links to free educational material for several scientific disciplines (click the link below) and encouraged students to use this website as a jumping off point to learning new material. We also used this time to put the students at ease over what feels like an overwhelming amount of knowledge they may have thought they were lacking.

Fundamentals for Early Biology Researchers website

Lab Round Robin Day on July 15, 2022

Students in the program already participate in a variety of scientific and professional medical work, but some have likely never been exposed to all the basic scientific facilities, equipment, and lab techniques available at UCSF. We therefore organized a day for students to visit labs at both the UCSF Mission Bay and Parnassus campuses to learn about many different basic science research labs.

Special thanks to the following participants for serving as lab/facility liaisons:

  • Jaela Caston
  • Nick Hoppe
  • Max Krummel
  • Oscar Aguilar
  • Tiffany Scharschmidt
  • Janene Garron and UCSF LARC
  • Emma Gunderson
  • Trase Aguigam
  • John Gross

Snapshot from Lab Tours

2022 SRTP and Propel Panel on July 18, 2022

This summer we once again partnered with the UCSF SRTP to organize a panel discussion on undergraduate experiences as underrepresented scientists. Our panelist, which this year also included members of the UCSF PROPEL program, had many insightful comments and advice to the BAYS and CURE interns that they will carry over into their academic journey. The session was followed by a reception with students and speakers.

Special thanks to Jaela Caston, Adriana Guajardo, Aaron Patterson, Alanna Flowers, and Venus Hagan for serving as panelist!

SRTP Panelists

2022 Mentors:

  • Kyle Cromer
  • Romelo Casanave
  • Karin Shamardani
  • Travis Zach
  • Karissa Hansen
  • Nav Lally
  • Letitia Yang
  • Babak David
  • Chris Bravo
  • Gabby Rabadam
  • Tracy Knight

2022 Student Participants

  • Deani Lyons
  • Joanna Lopez
  • Onyinyechukwu Boardman
  • Joslyn Kearn
  • Julieta Lamm-Perez
  • Jalen Higgins
  • Sarah (Sally) Umme-Ukeje
  • Reann Phillips
  • Salvador Miranda
  • Winston Zapet
  • Mateo Castro

Personal Mentorship Organizer

  • Christina Stephens

Summer Activity Leaders

  • Emma Gunderson
  • Jaela Caston
  • Trase Aguigam
  • Romelo Casanave
  • Chase Webb
  • Ali Nebat
  • Chaney Saephan
  • Zachary Smith
  • Luis Santiago
  • Christina Stephens
  • Uzoma Onuoma

Special thanks to Dean Niquet Blake for sponsoring this year's partnership and coming in person to support the students!

Previous CURE Programs

Summer 2021 BE-STEM x CURE Program

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