Our demands to UCSF

UCSF Black Student Coalition meeting with the Chancellor

As a parallel effort, in response to recent national mobilization around the police brutality and structural racism that relentlessly plagues our country, Black students at the UCSF School of Medicine (India Perez-Urbano,  Ziad Jowhar, Jazzmin Williams and Ivie Tokunboh) came together to codify a list of demands that they collectively believed are the first steps to bringing out necessary structural change at this institution.

In order to make sure those demands were addressed university-wide, instead of local School responses, they brought together the Black student leaders at all of the UCSF schools to participate in a meeting with the university leadership.

As a result, we created an unified list of demands that was delivered to Chancellor Sam Hawgood and Vice Chancellor Renee Navarro. On Tuesday, December 22nd of 2020, we met with the university leadership to discuss the unified list of demands. Each school had a representative:

  • Nadia Ayad, representing the Graduate Division
  • India Perez-Urbano, representing the School of Medicine
  • Vicky Valentine, representing the School of Nursing
  • Ifunaya Okeke, representing the School of Dentistry
  • Temi Sofeso, representing the School of Pharmacy
  • Jules Evans-Afrom, representing Physical Therapy

In attendance were also:

  • Dr. Michelle Guy,
  • Dr. Kai Kennedy,
  • Dr. LaMisha Hill,
  • Dr. Dan Lowenstein,
  • Dr. Renee Navarro,
  • Dr. Sam Hawgood.

The meeting notes from this meeting can be found here. As part of our efforts to continue this university wide conversation with all the Black Students, we aim to meet with each other and the university leadership yearly to ensure progress is being made.